Duel Electronics GPS receiver

Short Description: 

Universal 64 channel external bluetooth receiver

Physical Description: 

Dimensions: 2.5x 2.5x 1 inches,
/weight: 3 OZ,
Materials: mat plastic,
connections: 1x mini USB, Bluetooth,
Controls: power button, device access switch,
Battery life: 8 hours,
What's in the box: DUel Xgps 150A, sylacone mounting pad, mini usb cable, lighter addapter, two piece arm band, manual.

Accessibility Features: 



This is a big bad boy of a receiver for powering around with nearby explorer. I'll write up a tutorial on how to get it going on your android device. Meanwhile, I can tell you yu may need sighted assistance and some serious long suffering to make use of this. The power button is completely flat, located at the top of the front face. The front looks like a dial but it's really just for show. One side of the dial marked by a very minscule notch is where you push for power. press and hold for at least 5 seconds to turn it on or off. All the indicaters are llights. It's basically a brick until you get it paired and install the app. The app is fraught with unlabeled buttons, but the status indicaters are accessible.

Once you get through the nightmare of setup, this receiver is a rock solid stable and pinpoint accurate navigation tool for use with nearby explorer or other GPS navigation apps.



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