HIMS Braille Edge 40

Short Description: 

The braille edge 40 is a bluetooth/usb 40 cell braille display

Physical Description: 

On each side of the Braille display are two capsule shaped keys. These are the "UP" and "DOWN" scroll keys.
Above the Braille display are the Perkins keyboard and the function and navigation keys. Near the center of the unit is a 9 key Perkins-style keyboard, consisting of Braille dots 1:6, "SPACE", "BACKSPACE", and "ENTER".
The button where you placed your left index finger corresponds with dot one in Braille. On the same row as the Space bar are 8 rectangular function keys: four to the left of the spacebar, and four to the right. Moving from left to right, these keys are numbered f1-f8 and are programmed with the following functions: Esc, Tab, Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Insert, Windows, and Applications.
On each of the upper left and right corners of the top face of the Braille EDGE 40 are 4 buttons in a circular pattern. These are the navigation buttons and correspond to UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT arrows respective to the direction the buttons are pointed. These keys are also used in conjunction with other keys to create hot key commands.
Along the far edge of the top face of the unit, are located a speaker and 2 LED lights. The speaker is located between dot 1 and dot 4
The LED lights are located above the navigation buttons on the right side of the top face. The left LED light shows Bluetooth status; when Bluetooth is activated, this LED light turns blue. The right LED indicates the status of the power; when you are charging the unit, the LED turns red. When the Braille EDGE 40 is powered on, the LED turns yellow. These LED lights help a sighted person easily determine the status of the unit when working with students.
Left Panel
The left panel contains 2 items. About halfway between front and rear of the unit is the Bluetooth on/off switch. Slide the switch toward the rear of the unit to turn Bluetooth on. There is a Braille letter “b” behind the Bluetooth switch to indicate the correct direction. Slide the switch toward the front of the unit to turn Bluetooth off, in which case, you can save power while using the internal applications on the unit or while the unit is used as a Braille terminal via USB.
Near the rear of the unit on the left panel is the SD card slot. The Braille EDGE 40 can accommodate high capacity SD cards up to 32GB.
Right Panel
The Right panel of the Braille EDGE 40 contains the USB OTG port and the AC adapter jack. Nearer the front of the unit on the right panel is a small port for connecting a USB cable. Use this cable to connect the Braille EDGE 40 to a computer for use as a USB Braille display or to charge the unit. To charge the unit via AC power, please connect the small round end of the AC adapter cable to the round jack near the rear of the right panel. Plug the larger, box-like end of the AC adapter in to a standard electrical outlet.
Front Panel
The front panel contains only one button near the right end of the front panel is a large, rectangular button used to turn the Braille EDGE 40 on/off.
Press the power button on the right side of the front panel for about 1 second to power the unit on/off.
When the unit is powered on, again, hold the Power button for about 1 second to power the unit off.
Rear Panel
The rear panel of the Braille EDGE 40 contains 2 very small buttons. Near the right end of the rear panel is a small pin hole containing the “Hard reset” button. The “Hard reset” button is used when the “Reset” button has no affect or when the battery is completely depleted and connecting the AC adapter doesn’t reboot the unit. You can use a toothpick or the end of a paperclip to press the “Hard reset” button. Be careful when pressing the “Hard reset” button as, if you are not careful, pressing too hard or using an end too small may damage the device.
Toward the left end of the rear panel is a small, round recess with a dot-like button inside it. This is the “Reset” button. If your unit is not responding properly, press this button to perform a soft reboot of the Braille EDGE 40.
NOTE: do NOT press the "Reset" button for more than 5 seconds. It takes about fifteen seconds for your unit to complete the reboot process.

Accessibility Features: 

1) Jaws (Freedom scientific) 2) Window eyes (GW micro) 3) Supernova (Dolphin) 4) System Access (Serotek) 5) NVDA (NV Access) 6) Voice over for Mac and iOS (Apple) 7) BrailleBack for Android (Google) 8) Mobile Speak and Mobile Acces


Braille Edge 40

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