Jabra Supreme

Short Description: 

Single ear Bluetooth headset

Physical Description: 

Over the ear hook that can be switched to go on left or right ear. Folding small microphone used to turn the device on and off. Large button to answer and reject calls. Smaller button with voice commands or to mute and unmute when on a call.

Accessibility Features: 

Talking caller ID, self voicing menu and prompts. PDF manual mostly accessible with the exception of the images.


At first I was concerned having a headset that covered my ear when walking outside. I found that the design and optional pieces allows me to use the device in noisy and busy environments without interfearing too much with my hearing.
The noise concancelling feature reduces the external noise when on a call or listening to GPS information.
It easily pares with two devices allowing commands to be passed through to the primary device.
Sound quality is excellent and people find they can hear me clearly as well. The short boom microphone seems to make a significant difference when talking to people. I like the talking caller ID as well as the ability to switch between two phones when on a call as well as between call waiting connections on one phone.


UC Bluetooth

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