Samsung Galaxy Note 4




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Short Description: 

The Galaxy Note 4 is a Phablet by Samsung Electronics. Combining the latest in phone hardware as of late 2014, the device is also great for individuals with low vision.

Physical Description: 

The Note 4 is similar to other Samsung phones in that it has a home button with a built-in fingerprint sensor, a power button on the right edge and a volume rocker on the left edge of the device. On the top left is a headphone jack and directly to the right of it is an infrared port. The bottom contains the charging port and the stylus. The back of the device contains the camera and the heartrate sensor. The edges are made of metal that have a bit of a bumper on the top and bottom left and right edges of the device. The phone feels solid and easy to hold, with a leather-like back that adds a grip to the device.

Accessibility Features: 

The device is accessible out of the box. Talkback can be invoked with a triple-press of the home button upon boot. A two-finger tap and hold can also turn on Talkback. Other accessibility features include magnification, negative colors, hover zoom for magnification with the stylus, a privacy curtain, direct access to turn on accessibility features with three presses of the home button, a baby detector, interaction control and assistant menus. Air wake-up jestures are available as well. Out the box the apps on the device are mostly all accessible to a screenreader user.


The Note 4 is a device to beat in terms of built-in accessibility. Holding it is a joy with the edges of the device fitting into my hands well. The speaker on the back of the device puts out limited volume compared to others with stereo sound.