Know where you are before calling 911. The App will also text multiple family members your location when you trigger a 911 call.


Auto send cell SMS text and emails to family members when you initiate a 911 call.
The App will give you the 911 numbers in different countries.
Pro version allows for multiple family contact to receive your alert message.
Unlike other emergency apps, we do not charge a yearly subscription fee.
This is a one time purchase.

Free Or Paid: 

Free With In App Purchases

Other Comments: 

This app is practically accessible with one unlabeled button that is found above the "Ambulance" button. This unlabeled button is the button that can be used as a QRCode Scanner. have written to the Dev to help label this button in the next update if possible. If you are a swiper, then this app may not be optimal for you as swiping doesn't seem to work. It is, however, excelent when using "explore by touch." The app is currently free until October 7, 2017 which afterwards, it requires a purchase of $1.49 if you want the Pro features. The Pro version is located at the following Play URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cabmatch.help911.pro