ANTAD Podcast_Episode 3_Adiantum--What is it?

In our third installment of the "ANTAD" Podcast, recorded on Sept. 28,2019, we showcased the new encryption that Google has for "Android Go" devices known as the "Adiantum."

This would be the way forward starting with "Android Go" 10 devices that we should start seeing come to the market towards the end of this year.

Nimer spotlights both Google Fi, the upcoming Pixel 4 and indeed, we sang a little "happy birthday" tune for Google turning 21 yesterday--Sept. 27.

Ravi graces the episode with a demonstration of the "Supersense" app from the mediate group.

I, Warren, demonstrated a little app called "Text Annalizer"--a paid app costing $0.99 that at the time of recording this episode, the app was on sale for free with three days remaining.

The Play URL of the app is located at:

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