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AppHunt is a curated list of apps updated in real time. The online community of users select and vote the best apps: either disruptive new apps or apps with new awesome features.
In our front page you can find the most voted apps of the last 7 days. You can also find our top apps of the past months in the top past section.

In AppHunt you can:

* Share the best apps with other users
* Vote for your favorite apps
* Discover trending apps or the best past apps
* Share your thoughts with the community

NOTE: for some of the features, as commenting or...

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A better way of discovering new apps that are added to the Play Store on a daily basis. So far, there is only one unlabeled button, and this is found near the bottom right of the phone. This unlabeled button, when launched, shows your apps that you can recommend for users to check out on the Play Store.