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With the most recent updates to the Play Store, it's become increasingly difficult to find the most useful non-game apps without first sifting through
an ocean of angry poultry, fruit samurais, and candy smashers.

Cut through all of it and life's enjoyment to get to your favorite 'productivity' tools like facepad and chirper in just one click.

Time saved? ~4.2 seconds. You're welcome.


Apps launches the Play Store on a hidden "Apps Only" page, giving you direct access to the Top Charts for apps, without all the games...

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There is really nothing else to add to what has been said in the description of this app. This is basically "Play Store" that only shows you apps without games and the lie. You can choose to view the apps using your browser or use the Play Store framework that is already installed on your phone or tablet to view the apps that are arranged in a listview. The one on the browser are arranged in a grid. Nice way to cut through the clutter of the Play Store.