Back camera Selfie


Best app for taking selfies with back camera!
This app will voice guide you to help you position the phone’s back camera when taking a selfie. You can also use this app to make selfies with flash or you can use it with front camera. You can also take group selife with it - it will adjust itself to the nearest face.

How to use in 4 easy steps:

1. After starting the app turn the phone around and look into the rear camera.
2. The app starts to voice guide you. Tilt and/or move phone as instructed.
3. When the phone is positioned correctly you will hear “hold...

Free Or Paid: 


Other Comments: 

This app is definitely fast and better than Smart Selfie. There are 4 unlabeled buttons at the bottom of the phone as: "Print", "Share", "Save" and "Back to live Camera". Have fun, using this app.