BestAI Text Scanner


[What the Text Scanner can do]
• Converts an image to text.
• Scan history results.
• Support photos of your album.
• Copy extracted text into the clipboard for use in other apps.

[Features of Text Scanner]
• Free and no ads.
• World highest speed reading.
• World highest accuracy reading.

This Text Scanner is still in development.

If you like it or have any other comments, please take a moment to write us a comment, or simply email us at, which can help us improve...

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Other Comments: 

This is a neat little scanning app That works well. Pros: 1. Simply tap on "Done" after tapping on the shutter, and the text is recognized and the automatic reading commences thereafter by the screen reader. 2. The app is totally free without any ads. 3. Text recognition is clean. Cons: 1. There are in total, 6 unlabeled buttons, meaning, none of the buttons found throughout the apps are unlabeled. These, however, can be manually labeled. 2. Does not work offline. The unlabeled buttons are found in the following Screens. A. When you launch the app, there are two unlabeled buttons near the bottom-right of the app. B. The one at the bottom most is the one you tap on to select an image from your gallery. C. The one above that is the one you tap on to activate the camera to capture text on a page. D. After capturing the Text and you tap on the "Done button and you are taken to the screen with the displayed text, those same buttons described in steps A-C show up. E. On the Screen with the displayed text, the button on the top-left corner isn't labeled, and that should be the "navigate to top." F. Tapping on the button on the top-left, which is the "navigate to top" takes you to the list of the pages you have scanned. G. Long-pressing on any of the pages pop up an unlabeled button to the right of the one that is long-pressed, and that button is the "Delete button." In conclusion, I have written to the Dev, asking him to help label the buttons, but like I sid earlier on, these buttons can be manually labled using the Talkback labeling cpbilities.