Blindo helps you to obtain quickly and easily the custom labels* for unlabeled buttons for any app available on Android. Also displays a detailed accessibility
report with a accessibility level rating of the apps.

Blindo is an exclusive social network where the blind community of the world can share custom labels* for Talkback and ShinePLUS, and collaborate rating
the accessibility level of the apps.

* The custom labels feature requires Android 4.3 or higher.
Blindo helps you to obtain quickly and easily the custom labels* for unlabeled buttons for any app...

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The ability to export or import custom labels is natively available le in Talkback, but up to now, one cannot export labels individually. In other words, once cannot choose to export labels of a particular label, thus, when exporting labels, the whole label packs get uploaded. With the introduction of "Blindo" by Paris Baltazar Salguero, the community was excited because upon launching "Blindo," there's an "Upload labels" found near the bottom right of the device. The excitement however, is short-lived, because even when one correctly points the app to where the .tbl file is located, the app fails to upload the label packs, thus, the only way with which one can upload labels packs to "Blindo," is by initiating the export right from the Talkback settings, and once one taps on "custom labels" then taps on "export custom labels," such an individual, needs to tap on "Blindo" from among the apps that pop-up. Doing it that way, uploads the labels packs to "Blindo," but this method, still means, every app label is uploaded as this cannot upload individual labels for individual apps. The good news however, that with "Blindo," one can choose to download app-individual label packs. For example: If you have TuneIn Radio, and you want labels for TuneIn Radio, then here is how you go about getting the label packs for TuneIn Radio: 1. Launch "Blindo," 2. Near the top, find and tap on "Your installed apps" or simply swipe with two fingers from right to left to move to the installed apps on your device, 3. Now that you are on the screen with the apps that are installed on your device, scroll up till you find "TuneIn Radio," 4. Now Tap on TuneIn Radio, 5. Upon tapping on "TuneIn Radio," you would see the accessibility ratings that have been given to the app by users if anyone has chosen to do so. 6. In that same window, you would find near the top buttons like: "Share," "More," "Download labels packs," etc. 7. Now tap on "Download label packs" and once you do, just follow the prompts and accepting to override whatever labels you may have, should it find the same labels to be already existing on your device. That is it with importing labels using "Blindo." I should also mention here in passing, that while you are in that window from which you can download the label packs, near the bottom is that button for uploading the label packs which doesn't work.