Can I please get help with a problem that I am having with talk back on Dice World on my Galaxy s7??

I downloaded dice World on my Galaxy S7. But when I try to sign in talk back does not let me click on the box is in order for me to fill out my information. Instead I have to click on the sign in button in order for me to fill out my username and password and I have to turn off TalkBack in order for me to sign in and play the game. I contacted the developer of this game and he said that I would have to contact Google accessibility. Or Samsung. I contacted Samsung and they told me that this could be a issue with Google talk back or a dice world issue I've contacted Google accessibility but haven't heard back from them. Step 1 I uninstalled the game and reinstalled the game but nothing happens step to I uninstalled TalkBack and reinstalled talk back but nothing works and step 3 I restarted my phone but nothing happens. Please help this also happens with Trivia Crack. And Trivia Crack kingdoms.



Is this still happening wiht

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Is this still happening wiht theelatest version of talk back? I believe it's like at 5.04 or something I have to look. I don't own a samsung but you should have gotten that update.

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