CareZone is the easiest way for you and your family to manage medications and doctor’s instructions.

Managing prescriptions is hard work. We’ll make sure you always have an up to date list of your or your loved one’s medications, and that you’re staying
on top of instructions given to you after diagnosis, treatment or discharge.

Always have a medication list with you.
Quickly create a detailed medications list, which is securely backed up and accessible from any mobile device or browser at the clinic, in an emergency,
or any other time you need it.


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Other Comments: 

Because I am not on any medication of any sort, I didn't finish setting up a profile, but from what I saw, the app is accessible, except for one button at the bottom right, which is the "Scan medication", but this is not a problem since there is another button in the middle of the phone that says "Scan medication" and does the same exact thing--launch your camera so you can scan either the box, the bottle or whatever. The app lets you do refilss and the like. Overall, this is probably one of the good medication-management related apps out there.