clipsync, an app to Share Clipboard Text Between a windows PC and an Android Device

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 clipsync allows user to easily copy past text between windows pc and an android device, using lan via wifi.
it works both ways.
the app is 100% accessible, free without adds, and very easy to use.

    installation :

 to use it you need to install 2 apps.
first : clipsync app on your android

and the clipsync server on your windows pc :

when clipsync server is installed if you don't know your local IP, you can make a right click on clipsync server icon in your system tray, you'll find it in the list.

open clipsync app on your android device and double tap on connect to new server button.
if automatic detection failed enter manualy the local IP of the computer running clipsync server.

when clipsync announces connected to server, you're ready to start copy past between devices.

  instructions for use :

 first example copy some text from your pc to your android :

select any kind of text  copy it with control+c
go to your android and do a long press on an edit box.
 when you feel the vibration explore around the edit box to find the past button.
dobble tap it and it's done.
your text is copied.
you can also use past in the local context menu.
or control+v with physical keyboard.

 second example copy some text from your android to your pc :

works the same, select and copy some text  on your android, when done you can past it on your pc using classic shortcut control+v

the app universal copy is great for copying text on your android :


when clipsync is not used  for a long period it automaticly turns off.
same for server on pc.
you need to restart the server before reconnecting clipsync app on your android.

simply type clipsync in start menu or create a shortcut on your desktop.

text size limit you can copy is around 1000 characters.
should be fine for most users.
same limit applies with clipBrd