Creating an Alarm on TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio has both a "sleep timer" and an "Alarm" feature.

This tutorial is aimed at showing you how to set an "Alarm" using your TuneIn Radio app. In other words, this tutorial guides you in choosing a radio station or a show of your choice, found in the TuneIn Radio app.

Do the following steps to set an alarm on the app.

1. Open TuneIn Radio,

2. Choose the station or the show you want to use for the alarm. In other words, be sure that you have the station or show you want to use for the alarm opened. You can stop it from playing but be sure it’s open.

3. Now with the station or show opened, tap on the “more options” near the top-right corner,

4. A pop-up appears; tap “Set alarm” from within the pop-up menu.

5. By default, the station or the show you want to use for the alarm is checked by default, thus it would say something like: “enable alarm, BBC English, or CNN checked” In other words, whatever station or show you have open, would be the one that has the checkmark.

6. Tap on Alarm Play time, (by default it’s set for 15 minutes)

7. Tap on the edit field where the 15 minutes is located and simply type in the number of minutes for which you would like the alarm to play for, Note: you don’t need to do anyting fancy like 0:15 or anything of the sort, since the hour field is denoted by 00 and all you need to do is type the number. E.g. simply type 5 if you want it for five minutes or 30 if you want it for 30 minutes,

8. Tap on “Save”,

9. You are brought back to the screen from where you chose the Play time,

10. Below that, tap on “Alarm Time”,

11. Enter the time you want in the hour field and enter the minutes you want in the minute field, in both cases replacing what is currently there.

12. Choose either PM or AM and tap on “Save.”,

13. This returns you back to the very same screen you came from,

14. Now tap on “Repeat alarm; never, and this takes you to a screen where you have the different days for which you want the alarm repeated. These days have check marks that Talkback doesn’t read, but tapping on any of those days, checks it.

15. After choosing the days you want, simply tap on “Save.”
This returns you to the previous Screen.

16. Tap on "Alarm Volume", which opens a Screen that shows you the slider that you can change. By default, the slider is set to 50%.

17. Tap on the slider and use either your up or down volume keys to increase or decrease the volume or tap and drag on the slide to increase or decrease it.

18. Tap on "Save" which returns you to the previous Screen.

19. Now tap on "Save" and the alarm is set.

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