CrowdViz Now Looking for Android Beta-Testers!

CrowdViz is an app that connects people who are visually impaired with our trusted sighted assistants. With just a click of a single button, through a video connection, our assistants can offer various types of help; whether it’s reading the expiration date on a carton of milk, to selecting an item from the vending machine or even strolling through NYC and needing to find a restaurant, we are here to help.


What makes CrowdViz different?


  • Our assistants are available 24/7 offering quick response time, and reliable service.
  • Our trusted sighted assistants undergo a selective process, training and background checks. Through this process, we are able to provide the highest level of customer service.
  • Our goal is to make the Android version of CrowdViz “more” in all areas: more accessible, more convenient, more easy and safe.

With the help from our beta testers, we hope to achieve just that! The app has been tested on several Android devices with very positive results and the IOS version, which released in March of this year, has been raved about in numerous podcasts, blogs and radio shows.

During the beta testing period, as a tester, you will be in given an uninhibited number of calls, access to all features, as well as, features that are yet to be released and regular updates. Join us in becoming a part of the CrowdViz Android Beta-Testing Team - Reach out to us via email or call us @ 609-751-0686. We also invite you to visit our website.

Helen Keller once said “Alone we can do little, together we can do so much”.