Demystifying App Management And The Play Store With Talkback

From The Old WolfDream


  • The Play Store
  • Searching
  • Installing
  • Rating and reviewing
  • Updating
  • Uninstalling
  • Settings
  • Sideloading
    • Must be enabled under Security in Settings.
    • Security Concerns.
    • Ways to transfer and sideload an app.
    • A demonstration using Dropbox.
  • The App Manager
    • Finding out information about an app
    • Cache, data and clearing them.
    • Defaults and clearing them.
    • Uninstalling an app.
    • Disabling an app.
    • Buying an app
  • This audio demonstration covers the management of Android apps from the device itself and aims to give users confidence and enable them to enjoy the Android app browsing and shopping experience as it should be.

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