Demystifying Copy and Paste with Talkback

From The Old WolfDream


  • The text must be within an edit field.
  • Long-pressing the edit field (double-tap and hold) summons the selection bar.
  • We cannot select arbitrary pieces of the text using granularity.
  • Tap Select all and then Copy to load the text into the clipboard.
    • TIP: Many applications provide an option for copying directly to the clipboard; it can often be found under Share.
  • Long-pressing on an empty edit box brings up a paste button in the top-left corner of that box.
    • That button disappears after just a few seconds or if focus moves away from the field.
    • It is therefore a good idea to familiarise oneself with the boundaries of the edit field before attempting to paste.
    • One tip is to long-press the left edge of the edit field and move straight up to the Paste button.

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