Demystifying Talkback Menus

Submitted by lordjeff on Thu, 03/19/2015 - 21:21

From The Old WolfDream


  • Recapping the gestures.
    • Features only available in Jelly Bean.
    • Tips on getting the gestures right: relax and practice.
    • Gestures can be reassigned in TalkBack Settings.
  • The global menu.
    • How talkBack menus work.
      • The touch, explore and lift method.
      • Watch where you put your finger!
      • It's not a circle, it's a wheel.
    • Global reading options.
    • Quick navigation: easy screen overview.
      • The content of the wheel in quick navigation scrolls forward and backwards as you move around.
    • Static options.
      • TalkBack settings.
      • Pause feedback: a demonstration.
  • The context menu.
    • Granularity controls.
    • Cursor controls.
      • Focus must be on the edit field.
    • Navigation controls.
      • Navigation controls are specific to webviews and affect their behaviour when swiping through them.
      • BUG: Controls will not appear unless you swipe into a webview.
  • Conclusion: These menus are key to making fullest use of available accessibility features and we can expect new features to appear there.

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