DotWalker Pro


"DotWalker is the first Android text based navigation application created for the visually impaired.
Talking compass, automatically updated list of nearby points (OSM maps), Google points of interest, current location address, Google route navigation instructions and route recording.
You will get lost no more thanks to the wide range of above mentioned options available through this application".

Hello guys,
I just copy my post from Eyes-free group below
Yesterday I tested really great GPS navigation app for the blind on Android, called "...

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Some people started to argue, that it does not uses "Google Maps" for directions, but it really does that. I can state clearly, and we started to negotiate in that discussion, but it actually does not make sence what they say. Yes, it uses OSM (Open Street Maps), but in addition, now "Google Maps" is also integrated. It is also stated in the Apps page on Play Store as you already read it. Some people claim that APP don't give them a some names of streets and they say that it is a major sadback, however at least for me is fine, since it gives Turn-by-Turn directions really quite exactly and I do enjoy this. I am not sure how much it will take for me to create a Podcast due to the things I'm already involved into and activities I usually do, but week or two should do it, so you can listen how it sounds in usage. I hope you will enjoy this smile and comments are very welcomed.