Duplicate Contacts


Simple tool to see and delete duplicate contacts. You can see a list of contacts sorted by name or by number and you can select which to delete. The duplicate
contacts are automatically selected. The removed contacts are saved on vcf file on sdcard. Thanks to Abdullah Al-Jaser for the Arabic version. Thanks to
Ahmet Buğra Aydın for the Turkish version. Thanks to Hagai Bloch Gadot for the Hebrew version

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This app works well with Talkback and helps you remove duplicates from within your contacts. When you launch the app, it goes staight and checks for duplicates. Upon fidning duplicates, you are told as to how many of those duplicates are found. To the left of each duplicate, is a checkmark. Checking that checkmark, selects that duplicate for deletion. Tapping on "delete", near the top left just above the results, removes that duplicates and creates a backup of it on the internal storage of your phone, should you decided down the road that you wanted it back. The file is saved as a .vcf name labeled as: 0000;vcf, followed by the date that you performed the action. The one thing that I find annoying with the app however, is when you tap on the "more settings" near the top right corner of the phone, and from the pop-up menu, you tap on "Settings", and most of the time, you are presented with a page of ads that you can choose from to install any of those apps that are being advertized. To get back into the Settings that you wanted to go into, simply hit the back key and you would be right in the Settings. This behavior isn't consistent, but it happens most of the time when you tap on the "More options" and then tapping on the Settings.