ECTechnology folding bluetooth keyboard

Short Description: 

Aluminum folding keyboard with full sized scizzer keys.

Physical Description: 

Box contains one keyboard, one micro USB cable, and one quick start guide. The keyboard is all aluminum with plastic hinges. The board weighs 6.4 oz. Closed it measures 5.8"*3.7"*0.59 inches. , Open, it measures : 9.9"*3.5"*0.2" Inches. The internal battery offers 60 hours of use per charge, and the keys are rated for 3,000,000 presses.

Accessibility Features: 



See full review in comments. Basically, this is an old, well established, and reliable peripheral.





This is a guaranteed winner.

This is the most roomy, comfortable, solid board I've ever used. Typing on this is as comfortable for me as typing on a laptop. The keys are spaced far enough apart for me. Users with reduced sensitivity might not like the spacing, but I think it would be extremely dificult to find a product in it's class with more spacing and definition. Battery life is stupendous! Pairing is very easy. Just press FN C and tap it in bluetooth discovery. From left to right, the bottom row keys are: control, FN, screen search, alt, space, alt, screen search, and arrow keys.

It's foibles are legion:
The slash is the size of the left shift, while the right shift is a standard size key tucked off on the edge. This took a massive amount of getting used to.
There's only one control key, a deficiency of many modern keyboards.
The accent key which I never use is a primary key, and the escape, which I use on a regular basis is a special function key, ...Duh.

This board only pairs with one device at a time. I believe the IClever pairs with several and allows for switching, so I'll review that one next if no one else gets to it before I do.

I've been writing cover letters and filling in job applications with this board for hours on end without discomfort. I've edited some php code with it on my android phone. It's handy for texting and email, but I can use the onscreen keyboard or voice input for those too if the keyboard isn't handy. Essentially, I have purposed my phone as a pc replacement using this keyboard and I'm very happy with it for all practical purposes.