Export Messages


Export Messages can be used to transfer your SMS/MMS text messages to another application or location. You can select individual or all messages within a single thread, or select messages between different threads. You can also select all messages in all threads for export, which is a great way to archive your messages before deleting from your device.

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This app is accessible except for the fact that the button that one taps on to select a conversation thread, simply says: "Button," and that is found below each conversation. To select all the conversation threads, simply tap on the "more button," found near the top-right corner of the phone, and from the pop-up menu, tap on "Select all." Upon either selecting "all or a conversation thread," one can tap on the "export," found on the left of the "more button," which when tapped on, gives one the option of either exporting as an archive, as raw text, copy to clipboard, etc. This is a little neat app without ads.