Far Vision


Are you blind or have low vision? This app was designed just for you!

Navigate to FAR Accessible partner businesses easily with FAR Vision. FAR Vision provides much more accurate location information than GPS and even works indoors.

FAR Vision is designed to work with or without TalkBack. With TalkBack enabled, FAR Vision provides audio prompts that will help guide you accurately to FAR Accessible business entrances, emergency exits, bathrooms, and other important points of interest within a business. If you have low vision and do not have TalkBack enabled, FAR Vision has...

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Other Comments: 

This app is something that would be helpful to us blind people, but it is dependent on businesses to incorporate it into their sites to make it work. Since it crashes for me on Pi, I can't attest to its accessibility but since this is something that was developed for the blind, I want to think that it is accessible with Talkback.