force dark mode across android OS version 10 for low vision users

Step 1Enable Developer Options

To force dark mode across all apps, you need to enable a specific developer setting on your device. You'll need to locate the developer options in your system settings, which is hidden by default.

To get started, open the main Settings menu by either selecting "Settings" from the app drawer or by pressing the gear icon in the Quick Settings menu (the menu that appears when you swipe down from the top edge of any screen).
From there, scroll to the button of the menu and select "About phone." Next, choose "Software information."
Now's the fun part. Scroll down and tap on "Build Number" seven times in rapid succession. You will be prompted to input your PIN, gesture, or password. Once you enter the requested information, you will be returned to the previous page, and you'll see a toast message saying "Developer mode has been turned on."
(this is for a Samsung device but should be close for all other devices)

Step 2Force Dark Mode to All Apps

Since this feature is mainly used for developers to see what their apps look like without any extra tweaks for dark mode, your mileage may vary. Some apps do seem to work quite well with the setting enabled, which is good news for the app developers too. At the same time, some apps will have mismatched background colors, fonts, or icons also — so keep that in mind when enabling this setting.

From the "Developer options" main screen, you need to locate a setting that mentions forcing or overriding dark mode. For Galaxy users, Samsung has opted to call this "Force Dark mode," while Google and OnePlus users need to look for "Override force-dark." Once you locate the proper setting, simply flip the switch to the on position to enable it across the entire system

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