Geekbytes (Android News)


The is your one stop place for all things Android new! You can view forums within the app (if there site has the tapatalk plugin) if not it will open in your default browser. There are tons of YouTube videos and podcast available!
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All you need Android news in one app!! Articles from the following site:

Android Central
Android Authority
Android Police
Android and Me
Cult of Android
Droid Life

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Upon first launch, the app tells you about "What's new" and there is a "close button" at the bottom of the screen, just above the HomeKey. If for some reason, you don't get any feedback after tapping on the "close button", then tap on the "Navigate to top" near the top left corner of the device, and this would pop out the Navigation drawer which is basically the same screen that you didn't get a feedback from. Here, you can explore up and down and choose what you want to read about with respect to articles, podcasts et. regarding android. No more speculating about thngs without the proper reference. Simply install this app and you can browse to your hearts content. The pro version removes the ads from the app and it sells for $1.49 that you can buy right from within the app or from this Play Store URL: