Getting Started With Blindo

Blindo is an app for sharing customized lables created in Talkback with other Talkback users.

When one manually label an unlabeled button or buttons found in an app, one can upload those lables to Blindo, and someone who has the same app but doesn't have the time to manually label those buttons or doesn't know how, can now download the label packs and as a result, making the app fully accessible.

Below is the Developer's description of Blindo, followed by the Play Store URL, from which the app can be downloaded for free:

Blindo helps you to obtain quickly and easily the custom labels* for unlabeled buttons for any app available on Android. Also displays a detailed accessibility
report with a accessibility level rating of the apps.

Blindo is an exclusive social network where the blind community of the world can share custom labels* for Talkback and ShinePLUS, and collaborate rating
the accessibility level of the apps.

* The custom labels feature requires Android 4.3 or higher.

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