Headphones Detector


Start the application you want when you insert the headphone jack.

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Other Comments: 

This app is useful for devices that have the 3MM jack. If you have one of those devices that the manufacturer believes you don't need one, then this is useless for you! The app is very simple to use, with a couple of unlabeled buttons that I have labeled and uploaded to "Blindo." The first unlabeled button is found on the first screen and that only appers if you have slected an app that would launch upon headphne isertion. This button is the one i have labeled as: Remove current default app," found to the right of the currently selected app. The second one is found when you tap on the text of string that says:"Select application to start when headphones are detected," or says the name of the app that you have selected as the default app to be launched. This is the button that is found near the top-right alongside the different apps that you can tap on to make it the default app to be launched. I have labled this button as "Close apps list."