Help us the improve AudioWizards. Get your ideas in the game.

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What’s up everyone! We’re heard many of you have been enjoying AudioWizards quite well so far. We’re overly thankful for all the support and feedback we’ve gotten in the span of the last month since the game’s release and we can’t wait to keep improving the game! While we are not yet ready to ship the latest update, in the meantime, we have something in store for you all game enthusiasts…

Enter the AudioWizards Design Competition! Inspired by the music competition we held last Summer and from all the great feedback we've received, this time we got not only one but six categories to choose from and submit your ideas and plans for!

The categories are the following:
-Hat Design. Design a new hat for Endless Mode!
-Enemy Design. Design a new enemy that the player can face!
-Music Composing. Compose a new track for AudioWizards!
-Story Writing. Write a new story setting in AudioWizards universe!
-Character Design. Write and act out a new character!
-Gameplay Element Design. Design a new gameplay element or a feature to AudioWizards!

Unlike in the music competition, this time we will also allow team participating. For each category you can submit an idea in teams of 1 to 3 participants. Each categories’ winning teams will receive a copy of AudioWizards (which you can also hand out to your friend) and a copy of our next upcoming game, MusicMaze, for each team member. Most importantly, each winning idea will have a high chance to be implemented in AudioWizards and the winning teams names will be listed in the game’s credits. The competition will be run from 1st of October to 3rd of November. Feel free to share the competition to your hearts content!
You can take a look a closer look at the rules and each category in our website at
You can also find a submission form under each category. Proper ideas on this thread and those submitted to our email will also be considered. Please read the rules for each category before submitting your ideas.

Feel free to ask any questions or list any suggestions in this thread or straight to our email at
Best regards and happy competing,
myTrueSound and AudioWizards Dev Team