Hooke Audio Binaural 3D Audio

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Record WIRELESS binaural 3D Audio and 3D Sound using the Hooke Verse available at www.hookeaudio.com. Turn your device into a professional field recorder with the Hooke Audio app.

3D Audio is sound captured identically to the way your ears hears audio. When you listen back (with headphones) you'll feel like you're there.

The Hooke Audio app accesses your camera to bring your smartphone videos to life in 3D Audio. It also doubles as a field recorder, put your device in your pocket and record 3d audio on the fly. Seamlessly pair...

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A lot of work has gone into this app, thanks beta testers. If you can offer any tips in using this app, please do so in the comments.

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sd card storage for files

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According to their twitter I should be able to go to settings then the storage part. There is a problem, If you tap settings, the only option at least for the version I have, which is the latest update out may 9th, the only option there is contact us. The rest of the screen looks blank. Also none of the gestures work, except for the slide two fingers down to increase and up to decrease mic volume. Can anyone else reproduce this? Over all though the app is very easy to use. I like the way it tells you when it is goign into listen only mode.