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Short Description: 

a bluetooth headset that records in 3d audio

Physical Description: 

Both ear buds have a hooke that goes around the ear. This is where the battery is. There is a wire that flexes so one can ware it around the ear and have it fit comfortably. The ear bud itself goes in the ear like those scull candy headphones. The fit is very comfortable. When you get the product you will have optional tips including the silicone tips and some memory foam like tips. The fit is very comfortable and the audio coming you record with the hookeaudio app is stellar. The app is by the way very accessible. See the inclusive android entry directory on the app. The touch gestures take a while to get used to but with in 10 minutes you will be recording like a pro.

Accessibility Features: 

When you turn on the headset you hear a rising tone and a beep once it pairs with the device.


I'm having issues right now monitoring the audio but I'm in discussion with he developer so we can fix that for the LG devices. Over all the app although it takes some getting used to is very accessible. I can know my battery charge of my hookverse and more all by exploring the screen of the app. The experience for me has ben positive. Any hardware changes will be reflected in an update of this post.



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