How to label unlabeled buttons, using ShinePlus (Another Android Screen Reader)

Just started playing with the above Screen reader and here is a quick guide to show you how to get going with labeling the unlabeled buttons.

1. Find the unlabeled button with some numeric value,
2. Do a quick, one-finger, left to right scrub, (I don’t want to call it “swipe”, because you actually scrub left and right in one quick motion,
3. This brings up the Control Panel of ShinePlus,
4. Explore toward the bottom, right above the Home key area and find and tap on a button called “Mobile Accessibility”,
5. Now tap on that button called Mobile Accessibility,
6. Now, near the top left corner, just above an inch below the top left near the middle are, find a button that says, “mobile Accessibility Script button”, and tap on it,
7. Next, to the right of that “mobile Accessibility Script,” is a button called “aaply App, button”,
8. Now, tap on the “Apply App button”,
9. Next, near the bottom, just above the Home key, you would find a long button labeled, “Validate”,
10. Go ahead and tap on that “Validate Button”,
11. A dialog now pops up near the middle with Cancel or Confirm, go ahead and confirm it.
12. Now, you are ready to start labeling.
13. Now, just hit the back key to close out of here.

Here is how to finally label a button:

A. Find the button in question,
B. Do a quick left and right scrub, which brings up the ShinePlus Control Panel,
C. Now, near the top left, just about an inch or so below the top, you would find “label”,
D. Go ahead and tap on that string of text that says “label”,
E. This opens up a window where you can find and Edit field,
F. Go ahead and type in the Label you want,
G. Now, unlike Talkback, you won’t find a Cancel nor an OK button, so, to accept the label you just did,
H. Simply hit the Enter key to make it stick.

I will be doing a podcast on this baby and the other many features, but I need to get a good handle on it myself before I make a fool of myself.

have fun labeling with ShinePlus!