How To Root Your Android Device As A Blind Person

From Cool Blind Tech
Rooting Galaxy devices is not complicated, but will forever void warranties

By On May 23, 2015

Let’s talk about rooting Android devices. While previously we have discussed flashing a Nexus back to factory settings for tinkerers out there, we have not yet touched upon how most Galaxy devices are rooted. This podcast is applicable to non-newer Samsung’s, anything S5 and below. For most of Samsung’s flagships, the guide applies, although some might have different ways to boot into recovery or boot loader mode. This was tested personally to work on Galaxy S4 and S5 models, but the procedure is the same for Galaxy Note 3/4 as well.

Grab the proper zip for your device, inside which you will find Odin for flashing.
You will also need the ADB setup file

This will provide you with the Samsung drivers you will need in order to access the boot loader and recovery modes.
If for some reason those don’t work, Grab Samsung’s official driver here.
We cannot stress this further, but doing this guide will forever void your manufacturer warranty. While you will still have insurance through your carrier if you have purchased it, Samsung’s support centers will not be able to help you. Happy flashing!

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