How To Stop Skype from crashing with talkback

By now, you may have noticed that Skype causes Talkback to go completely haywire when you open the app for the first time on your Android device. There's a little trick to get around this, once you're signed in. In the top left corner of the screen you will find a menu button. If you one finger swype up, then down, (this is assuming you're using Talkback,) you'll land at the top of the screen, and the first item should be the menu button I'm talking about. Double tap on the menu. Now either flick, or slide your finger down the screen to find, and double tap on Settings. Note that this might be slightly tricky since Talkback is going to be going crazy at this point. Just be patient, and don't give up. Go slow, and I promise, you'll get it. Once in settings, it's quite a ways down, about 14 or so items down, but keep going down through this list. Eventually, you'll see Allow Microsoft targeted ads. Right now, I'll almost betcha that this is turned on. Double tap and turn it off. Trust me. Once done, then you're good to go. You can now back your way out of Settings, and you should now notice that Talkback will no longer jump all over the place. You now should be able to navigate the app with ease. Basically, what the deal is is, by default, these targeted ads pop up on the screen, and they dynamically update in realtime. for this reason, every time the screen refreshes with a new ad, which unfortunately is every few seconds, literally speaking, Talkback gets really hung, or will simply lose focus. Therefore, it makes the ap practically nearly unusable. Hopefully, this makes sense.