Iffalcon 40f2a and 49f2a Android TV



Iffalcon 40f2a/49f2a

Manufacturer's Website: 


Short Description: 

this tv runs certified android 8.0.It has preinstalled talkback and tts. it has apps such as amazon prime, Netflix and other regional content apps. it is made by a sub brand of tcl

Physical Description: 

you can get the tv in 40inch or 49inch screen sizes.
to the right you get a usb port under that a rj45 internet port then headphone jack then hdmi 1 and 2 under that there is a input for cable or antenna.
under the tv there is a composit input and av inputs and optical out port.

Accessibility Features: 

talkback, google tts


its a very easy to use tv.has 2 remotes the big remote is tredisional and the smaller one is smart remote with ok google feature, netflex button, youtube button and others.