Inclusive Android Launches The TalkBack Label File Repository

The Inclusive Android Crew has been hard at work with some updates to the Community Site and more is on the way. 

One of the more recent changes is the launch of the Repository For TalkBack Label Files.  Talkback Label Files contain labels for buttons and controls for a specific app that might be missing these.

We have posted a Guide To Creating TalkBack Label Files for submission to the repository.

We have also created a walk through for Importing a TalkBack Label File Into TalkBack on your Mobile Device

While initially small, the repository will grow with time. 

Feel free to Browse the TalkBack Label File Repository or access the RSS Feed for TalkBack Label Files.  



Yes, you can export labels without rooting.

importing, exporting, and creating individualized label files can all be done without routing. The process isn't perfected, but we have it very well documented here on inclusive android. Thanks for reading.

Exporting A TalkBack Label File

It is good to know that it can be done without rooting the phone.

However when I try to export a file, I just get the message export failed.

export choices?

Hi, could you let us know what device and android version you are using? Also, please tell us the steps you take after you tap the export button. I usually choose dropbox from the list, but after warren's importing tutorial I use ES file explorer for my export. These usually work but let's get your process and see if we can reproduce it.

export choices?

I don't even get to a screen to choose dropbox, or any other application. I just get the export error as soon as I push the button.

About phone

Model number Galaxy Nexus

Android version 4.3

Baseband version 19250XXL

Kernel version 3.0.72-gfb3c9ac #1

Fri Jun 7 12:00:19 PDT 2013

Build number JWR66Y

Please let me know if there is any further information you need.


Hi, Sorry to take so long to spot this. Unfortunately it looks like your android version doesn't support graphics labeling at all. Support for labeling graphics came in in 4.4.

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