Inputting Plus


It's 2015. Can you believe there is still no undo(ctrl+z), redo(ctrl+y), find & replace(ctrl+f) when inputting on a touchscreen? Fortunately, Inputting+
can handle this.

- Lifehacker: Inputting+ helps by bringing some key features, including undo, redo, and find and replace as easy as a desktop.

- The Next Web: I found Inputting+ to be useful when commenting on Reddit, sending a message on Facebook and adding notes to Google Keep. I also like how
customizable it is.

- Android Police: If you have ever had an app crash or...

Free Or Paid: 

Free With In App Purchases

Other Comments: 

This app is finally Accessible after working with the Dev to make it Accessible. You can now find all the buttons and they speak their name. On first launch, simply swipe horizontally from right to left with two fngers to the next page of the little tutorial. This is the page that talks about going to the Settings and Enabling the app. Simply tap on "Enable me", which takes you to the system's Accessibility. Tap on "inputting Plus", then tap on the "Off" switch on the top right corner of the screen to toggle the switch to the "On" position. Now hit your "back key" a couple of times to get out of the Accessibility section of your device. You are now back to "Inputting Plus" and this time, you are in its Settings. Explore these Settings and choose your usage scenario. I chose the "Foating Notification" over "Show in Notification". If you choose "Show in Notification", this would result in the app sitting in your notification bar when you are editing documents and will require you to swipe down on your notification bar and then, tapping on "inputting Plus" in order to work with you document. Choosing the "Floating Notification" however, has a little bubble sitting just above the letter O on your keyboard, just to the left of the "Voice input" if you are using a Gogle keyboard. You should bear in mind, that since this is a floating notification, it sure does live up to its name--, it floats, meaning it goes in and out so when you find it, tap on it as soon as you find it to activate it. Upon activating it, you would find things Like: Redo, Undo, Replace, etc. near the top part of your device. Choose what you want to do and get your work done.