Iris by Lowe's


A Remote Control for your Home

Your relationship with your home is a close one. Iris gets you closer with simple wireless home control and monitoring. It's kind of like a conversation — your home can tell you what it's up to and you can tell it what you need.

Iris is your one-stop solution for creating the smart home of your dreams. With the DIY expertise you expect from Lowe's, Iris lets you set up a reliable and easy to operate system customized to your home.

With the Iris app, your phone will now operate as a remote control for your home. You will be...

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For use with the Iris hub and devices available from Lowe's. Before purchasing any part of this system, be sure that the app will work for you by using the Test Drive feature, which is functional enough to give you an idea of the usability and accessibility of the app on your phone or tablet.

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