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Jango Radio is a free, personalized radio service that plays the best music by artists you love. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, and Jango will create a custom station that plays similar music. Or you can tune in to hundreds of expertly programmed genre stations like Top 100, Hot in Hip-Hop, Indie Dance Hits & more… All with just one ad per day and unlimited free listening.

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A bit like Slacker, but the buttons are labeled. A bit like Pandora, but the sound quality is better, the commercials are far fewer and the stations are more customizable. I've tried several music apps of its kind, and Jango Radio beats them all, both for overall usability and screen reader access. My personal favorite feature is the fact that I can create and listen to a station on my phone and then just open up my browser to the jango.com website and my station just starts playing. I haven't figured out how to skip or edit my station on the browser, probably because the player is Flash-based, but for general listening, it gets the job done quite nicely.

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