Just Got A New Android Device - Here Is A Great Article To Get You From 0 to 60 in No Time

So you just got that shiny new android device and are eager to get up and running with it, find some apps and games and generally make the most of your new device. The Inclusive Android Website is a great resource to use to make the most of your device.    This is where it all happens! Share your information, ideas, apps and tips with the community of  people with disabilities who are Android users from across the world! Information To Promote Sight,  Sound, Physical & Cognitive Digital Inclusion for people with disabilities.

If you are just  starting out with android there are a ton of
Guides to help you get started on Android

Also a number of community members have recorded many
Audio Tips And Tutorials. In particular, if you are just starting out, the
demystifying Series Of Audio Tips From Sebastien, the walkthrough for using Google Now or OK Google From Warren the walkthrough of the initial setup on stock android plus factory resetting an old device from Quentin  and the walkthrough on  Enabling Talkback On Samsung A3 from Alan are excellent audio tips for a new user.

Maybe you are eager to get into downloading apps and seeing what Android really can do.  You could start out by exploring these collections of apps from polls we have done:

  1. Results Of The 2015 Favourite Accessible Android Assistant Software Poll
  2. Results Of The December 2014 Favourite Accessible Podcatcher Poll
  3. You could also find out what apps I have installed on my phone in the article: List Of App Recommendations For Blind And Partially SightedAndroidUsers

Now that the partying, turkey eating and unwrapping are done, maybe you are looking for something fun to do, you can check out the Accessible app directory's Game Section

If you are looking for something to remove a specific barrier, a perfect tool or something made with a specific disability in mind, you could check out the following App Directory Sections:

  1. Apps Designed Specifically For Blind And Low Vision Users
  2. Apps Designed Specifically For Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Users
  3. Apps Designed Specifically For Users With LD Or Cognitive Requirements
  4. Apps Designed Specifically For Users With Physical or Dexterity Requirements

And remember, as you explore the world of apps or learn to use your android device; please remember that this is a community driven site so feel free to sign up for a free account and post your app finds or tips for other users.  If you wan to keep up on the latest postings on the inclusive android website, here is a list of RSS feeds.

From All Of Us At Inclusive Android, we wish you the most merry and festive time this Holiday Season.