With Killi, you can take back control of your data while earning cash every time an advertiser or brand purchases your personal information.

Today, personal consumer data is sold without the knowledge or consent of the individual - making billions of dollars for corporations and zero for the consumer. Killi is changing that by putting the consumer first and allowing them to be in charge of monetizing their data. With Killi, now you are in control and can benefit every time your data is purchased.

Killi is a data marketplace built on the blockchain that allows consumers to...

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The app is accessible. 1. Launch the app after installation, 2. Tap "Join in," 3. Below the text string that says, "I am 13 or older," is a button that says "Count me in," 4. Tap on the "count me in," 5. It opens up with an edit field to enter your phone number, type in your phone number and tap on "send code," 6. When you get the code, enter it and tap on the "next" on the keyboard and you are veified. 7. Continue from there and on the next screen, tap on "keep going" and then tap on "Reclaim your identity," 8. Tapping on "Reclaim your identity," generates a code that is used with theose who use your data, and this code is displayed in a non-editable field. I decided to copy and safe this code. You may consider doing so as well. 9. Next tap on "next question," and this one has to do with "location sharing where it has to do with your shopping that is shared with advertisers who can taylor things to your liking. If you agree, then tap on "Share location" and of course, you phone is going to say: do you want to allow this?" 11. Now, the "Location sharing" is shown as enabled. 12. Now tap on "all done" near the bottom of the phone. 13 You are then taken to a screen where you can opt in to include things like your BD, gender, and the like. Most of this info is already out there anyhow, and you might as well get something from it. 14 You can opt in for more and then at the end of it all, you can see "Discover," Wallet," "Identity," etc. Tapping on "Wallet" will take you to where you can redeem a 5-dollar gift card from Amazon or a 10-dollar credit through your Paypal account, of which amount, a little over 3-bucks would be deducted from Paypal. 15 Note that in order to be able to redeem this gift card from Amazon or a credit to your Paypal, you need to have it for at least 30 days. 16 I haven't found any accessibility issues with the app yet as I wanted to be sure it works before I post it on here. Have fun "reclaiming your identity" and earning something from it for a change!