Lexa (Like Amazon Echo)


This app allows you to access and interact with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service (AVS). By pressing the button and speaking a command, you can talk to Alexa
and receive back a response. This app is best suited for developers to test push-to-talk interaction with AVS to get a better sense of how this service
can run on their own hardware.
To start the dialog, press the gray button. The button will turn light blue and you can start speaking into the app. You can press the button again when
finished speaking or wait a moment and your command will automatically be sent. The...

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Other Comments: 

This is an app that works on your phone and interacts with the Amazon Echo server, thus giving you the opportunity to order things from amazon, using your voice. Upon first launch, you want to find the long button just above the home key that talks about logging into your Amazon account. Tap on that and you can log in with your browser of choice, and upon successfully logging in, there is an agreement text, and then "I agree" below that and you are logged onto the service with the app. When it comes to Accessibility, the app has two buttons that are not labeled. The first one is about an inch below the top right-corner of the device, and thisbutton should have been labeled as "more Options" or simply "options." Tapping on that button, pops up two ites--, "help" and "log out." The other unlabeled button is the most important button and this button is found near the bottom, just above the "homeKey" area. This button should have been labeled "Tap to speak." Overall, the voice quality is awesome and I wish we could have that as a TTS.