Life Hacks


Do you want to make your everyday life interesting?
We will help you become a Life Hacker by providing you with some of the interesting life hacks that help you make your life easy and interesting.

Salient features:
1. Various categories of life hacks available such as technology, life tips, health, food and drinks
2. Super simple to use and beautiful design
3. Super light in size
4. Share on social media, copy on clipboard and share
5. Invite friends and family to use Life Hacks
6. Brand new and easy-to-use design

Life hacks app...

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Other Comments: 

This is a little useful app with three unlabeled arranged in this order upon tapping on a category: There is the "Share" on the bottom, a "favorites" in the middle, and a "Copy text" on the left. I have labeled all three buttons, and uploaded them to "Blindo." Have fund using this app instead of searching the internet to find simple solutions.