Mediastar IPTV


This application for andriod only,support by Mediastar company.

Trial code: 11112222

For several days

Free Or Paid: 

Free With In App Purchases

Other Comments: 

The app does have some Accessibility issues: 1. When you launch the app, there is an edit field for you to type in the activation code of 11112222 (1) 4 times and (2) 4 times. 2. Below that edit field, is an unlabeled button which should have been labeled as "continue" or next", is the one you need to tap on to activate the trial for 14 days. 3. The next screen places you on the "Category" screen with 22 categories that don't speak. These are countries or diffferent generes etc. It should be noted here, that the screen automatically rotates to landscape. 4. On this screen where the categories don't speak, is a labeled button on the top left corner of the screen, which is now in a portrait mode, that is labeled "all channels", 5. Tapping on that button, would launch the seven-hundred plus channels that you can scroll through and these do speak. 6. Seems like most of these Channels are from Europe and surrounding areas. 7. There is a "search field near the top right whereby you can type the area you are looking for. 8. I've written to the Dev and hoepful he can label the areas with Accessibility concerns. Overall, this thing isn't bad at all as it gives you live TV.