Keep yourself and loved ones safe and never forget to take your meds again with Medisafe, the easy-to-use and FREE app that helps you remember when to
take your pills and manage pill usage.

Be safe with prescriptions. Studies show improper medication use and tracking in the United States leads to:
• 50% of patients not taking medications as prescribed
• 125,000 deaths a year, one every 4 minutes
• 700,000 hospital visits a year
• 44 out of 100 prescriptions never picked up at the pharmacy.

Don't put yourself or your loved ones at risk by...

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This is a rather, very Accessible App. I am not on any meds, but decided to try it out and was pleasantly surprised to find the app very accessible. You simply type the name of your medication and it actually pops up suggestions that matches what you are typing or just typed. The fiels for entering the times at which you want to take your medication don't have anything to do with circular clocks; you simply time in the time. Overall, this app would definitley come in handy for those who are on medication and need a good reminder as well as places from which to refill and doctor information. In all, it's a great Accessible app.

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