motorola moto Z 2 play



z 2 play

Manufacturer's Website:

Short Description: 

Features very close to stock android. Has a middle of the road pricepoint, but justified for what's under the hood. It's old reliable motorola.

Physical Description: 

Demensions: 76.2 x 156.2 x 5.99 mm,
Weight: 184 G,
Screen: 5.5 Inches 1920x1080 P,
Materials: aluminum, Gorilla glass,
Card slots: nannosim, 2 tb micro SD top face,
connecters: usb C, 3.5 mm headphone bottom face,, mods connecter back face,
physical buttons: volume, power right face,
Performance: 2.2 ghz octicore processer, 3 gb ram, 32 gb internal storage,
sound: front ported loud speaker,
Fingerprint sensor included on front face,
Cameras: 12 mp reer, 5 mp front,
Battery: 3000 mha nonremoveable battery,
What's in the box: handset, data cable, wall charger, sim removal tool, warrantee and quickstart,

One man's opinion: After my sad foray into the sony world, it was revoltingly comforting to step back into moto. Am I getting old and set in my ways? Yaghch! I'm not getting no 30 hours out of the battery. Though battery life is respectable, it's not special in any way. The device is ultra-thin to accommodate moto mods, but the camera aperture is sticking way out the back. To me, this makes the phone look and feel really goofy. I'm also worried about damaging the protruding component. I guess I'll just *have* to get the speaker to cover up the camera. I'm happy with the performance as I should be for the money, and I'm looking forward to trying the moto jbl soundboost speaker.

Accessibility Features: 

Stock accessibility features.


It comes with close to a stock experience, particularly gboard and now launcher. Moto mods manager and extra gesture configuration are accessible. I've converted the fingerprint sensor to one touch navigation and that's accessible once used to it.