Notifly offers a new way to read notifications and also reply to notifications. Just from anywhere you want.

Sometimes you did not want to quit your current app but also need to quick reply to a message. At this point Notifly will help you.
By receiving a notification Notifly will open it's content in a small bubble. By clicking this a bounded
popup with the content will appear.
You can read it but also directly reply to it without quiting the current application. Currently Notifly supports WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Hangouts, Skype,
Tango, KakoTalk,...

Free Or Paid: 

Free With In App Purchases

Other Comments: 

This is a handy little app that helps with notifications and how to interact with them without the need to leave what you are working on. The app is basically accessible with ads at the bottom, but for $0.99, you can get rid of the ads