OPRA Realtime OCR


With OPRA you can recognize the text of your documents and copy it in real time with one click! Books with 200 pages can be scanned in less than 5 minutes.

Focus the text to scan with the camera and just wait till the ocr recognizes it and show up on the screen. It's updated in real-time. You can use manual focus or zoom and you can resize the recognized area.

There are three functions in the main screen:

- Copy to memo: when you tap this button the text recognized will be added in a document. If the document is not empty, the text will be added below.


Free Or Paid: 


Other Comments: 

This app works offline, thus, there's no need for internet access. The app is accessible, except for the part that has the "info," which when tapped, shows a tutorial whose text isn't exposed to Talkback. The app is very simple to use and at the time of writing this, it doesn't work on Android 9 beta, which is Android P, beta 2, or Developer 3, but works on both Oreo and Nougat. I would like to assume that it works on other versions of Android including Kit Kat. I've written to the Developer to both look into fixing the part where the text isn't exposed to Talkback as well as asking him to join us on Eyes-free.