Paperboy is designed keeping one thing in mind - "Make reading enjoyable". With over 25 million feeds to choose from , you'll always be able to find what
u are looking.

What makes Paperboy different from other news reader apps is its simplicity and elegant design. It is one of the best news reader apps which doubles as
an rss feed reader. Follow your favorite news and magazines rss feeds with ease. Paperboy is also an offline news reader which lets you access the latest
news buzz from a wide variety of news digests and channels. If you are a news...

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This is an almost perfect NewsReader. The app has a setting wherein you can choose to not show the images, something that often times plague those of us who use screen Readers and all we want to do is get to the meat of the article. Besides choosing to not have images show, there is a "read aloud" option, that when tapped, the article would start playing using your TTS. I haven't found a way to choose either a different TTS or change the speed as of yet. This button that would bring up a menu from which you can choose the "read aloud" is located at the bottom-right whenever you open an article. Just tap on that, and in the pop-up menu, choose the "read article aloue." Now, here are the cons: 1. The app has buttons that are not labeled. 2. When you are doing the "read aloud," when it gets to the end of the article, it does not stop but it starts again all over from the very beginning of the article. Solutions: 1. Upon first launch, the button at the bottom-right of the app is the "next button", which advances you to the next page of tutorials, or you can simply swipe right to left using two fingers to advance to the next page. Alternatively, you can tap on the "skip button" on the bottom-left, which is labeled to skip the tutorials. 2. When you are done, in order to add or choose the newsfeeds you want to subscribe to, the button that takes you to the screen where the feeds are located, isn't labeled, and that button is the one at the bottom-right of the phone. 3. When you tap on that button at the bottom that takes you to feeds you can subscribe to or add to your library, to the right of each of those feeds, is an unlabeled button, which when tapped, will open up to where you can choose among the items, to create a folder (I created mine with the name "My News" and then tap on "Save.') 4. Now that you have created this folder, there will now appear, each time that you tap on any of these buttons to the right of each of the feeds, a checkmark which is uncheckbed by default, the very folder that you created in step3 above that you created. Checking this and tapping on "Save" on the right, will be reported by your screen reader as "added to your lirary." In other words, everytime you choose a feed, it will ask you which folder you want to save it to. Note that you can create many folders as you want in order to save different feeds into. The good thing is that once you label one of those buttons on the right side of the feeds, each of the unlabeled