Poll Results: Favourite Text To Speech Engine

In today's mobile world, text to speech engines play a big role in both the mainstream world and in the disability specific world. Wether you are using it as the voice for your assistant, document reader, gps navigation system or screen reader, everyone has their preferred voice and text-to-speech engine. We ran a poll in between March and April of 2016 to find out what text to speech engine and voice Everyone Is Using And Why? Which do they find the most accessible or usable? Which have that special feature they just can't live without and if there is a specific task one is particularly exceptional at accomplishing or is there a specific situation where 1 is better than the other.

Recommended Text To Speech Engine:

Eloquence - 34%


  • Speed. It's fast responsive, and I feel it can say things faster than some others like acapela.

  • Mostly since have been primarily a jaws user for 10 years now, so am the most used to eloquence's output, pronunciation, etc., but, on a side note, otherwise, eSpeak would be my choice, due to much wider range of languages supported

  • eloquence is very snappy.

  • It is one of my favorites. I've been using it since 1995 with jaws and I also use it with NVDA.

  • Very stable, very responsive, very much configurable.

  • Eloquence is still the best text-to-speech engine in terms of quality, pronunciation, and voice inflection.

  • It is the most responsive engine I have experienced on this platform.

  • Its smooth and best voice output and does not slow the device as other do.

  • fast, responsive, need I say more?

  • Quick, responsive and clear.

  • I chose this engine because I have used eloquence for a verry long and have good experiences with it. It is fast and reliable.

Vocalizer - 23%


  • I simply like the voices. I love Karen and Daniel's voices and I can have them both on my phone with Vocalizer. if they gave me Jill's voice too, it would be perfect.

    • Favourite Voice: Karen.

  • I use vocalizer because it is quick and responsive.  The male british voice is easy to understand even in the most noisy situations

    • Favourite Voice: Daniel

  • very responsive and clear

    • Favourite Voice: Karen

  • This is the most responsive of all of the engines that i use. I find it handles apps such as Dice World and emailclients very smoothly while other engines lag.

    • Favourite Voice: austrailian Lee

Acapela - 17%


  • Acapela wins hands down for me. Voice quality, volume and responsiveness andwith the recent feature additions of reading emoji and configuring punctuation pauses makes it in my opinion the best tts on android. I'm a little mad at acapela for getting rid of my favorite voice, heather but i been using acapela for my daily driver for talkback for over 3 years now.

    • Favourite voice: Heather (no longer available)available voices, sharon, karen, tracy, laura and rhona

  • I recommend Acapela TTS because it has some of the most wonderful voices in the group of all TTS's currently present on Android. Moreover, Acapela, as a TTS, is very customisable and provides important options to make the hearer's experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

    • Favorite Voice: Rachel UK English

  • Lots of languages, Good intonation, user-editable dictionary

    • Favourite Voice: Jasmijn

  • Acapela is my comfort level as I started out with it on windows mobile.I like the inflection.The pronouciation is very good and it was one of the first android TTS to have a pronounciation dictionary.I find it very stable now though it had it's issues when it first came out for android.

    • Favourite Voice: I change it up between ryan and will happy but I also buy a new voice every year on average if I get in the mood for a change.

  • Speech efficiency, accuracy, with nearly no bugs, and the top most well-sounding voices available. It's just faster than any other speech engines I tested, even Eloquence / Vocalizer TTS as a minor delay before starting the actual speaking process. It's my every-day voice with either the Talkback screen reader, as well as with VoiceDream Reader and GetThere GPS Navigation app. A must have!

    • Favourite Voice: Alice (French), Graham (UK English)

eSpeak - 17%


  • First and foremost, Espeak is free and open source. This is very important, especially when it comes to speech synthesis, because no single company controls it, so even if the developer stops working on it, someone else in the community has the freedom to take over the project. Additionally, Espeak, although not at all a voice that sounds human, is quite easy to understand, and is far more responsive than any other voice I've tried. Google's latest efforts are moving in the right direction, but it still takes about 3 seconds to read the information for an app in Link2SD, which is an application I use regularly, and needs a responsive speech synthesizer like Espeak, as it saves a lot of time when I don't have to wait 3 seconds before I find out what application I'm ready to link or integrate back into the system, only to find out that I'm still on the wrong app. Espeak also has a ton of variant voices that can be chosen as needed. I don't really like many of them aside from the default, but those who do will appreciate the variety. Espeak can also be set to play very fast, as it has an all important rate setting in addition to Android's standard "very slow," "slow," "normal," "fast" and "very fast" settings, and the volume can also be set independently. I have other voices on my phone, including Google and Ivona, but I always run them for just a little while and come right back to Espeak.

  • Favourite Voice: the astrailing google voice, espeek defaultr configuration for GPS navigation.

  • Fast response, quite loud.

  • I'm not a native English-speaker, so I receive many text messages and such in my own language. Because ESpeak supports both English and my language, Therefore I find it more useful.

  • Very responsive, lightweight, robust, multilingual.

  • small footprint, and fast!

Google - 9%


  • New male-3 voice is responsive and clear. The variety in female and male variance is great. It's super useful that the overall speech rate is a lot faster! I prefer the first-party stock solution...

  • 1. the google tts UK mail voice sounds much more gentle than the eloquence, thus enabling me to work with it even with the mild to medium migraine.